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The BORA principle: to prevent cooking vapours and odours from rising in the first place by drawing them away downwards where they are created: at the cooktop itself, straight from the pot, roaster, pan or grill.

BORA offers you the ideal vapour extraction system (a cooktop extractor combined with cooktops) with optimum effectiveness, an attractive design and impressive performance. And it does this irrespective of which of the three product ranges you choose: BORA Pure Rangge, BORA Classic 2.0 or BORA Professional. Choose from different cooktop models, such as ceramic, induction, surface induction, Tepan or gas.

BORA Pure Range 










The Bora Pure range offers a compact hob with an automatic extraction system built in. The smart extraction system includes an  energy saving surface induction glass ceramic cooktop with enough room to sit four pans comfortably.The unique vertical  slider makes operation via the intuition up and downwards movement of your finger or direct tapping with the finger tip even  easier. All of the important functions are at your fingertip in a flash.

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BORA Classic 2.0 Range   


BORA Classic's diverse range of cooktops offer maximum flexibility to your kitchen. With cooktop options such as a classic wok, tepan stainless steel grills, and gas every cooking style is catered for. Drawing odours and grease downwards, the Bora Classic extractor prevents vapours from rising and spreading. Its like cooking in fresh air.

The cooktop and extractor are ideal for flush installation. The perfect lines allow them to blend in discreetly and elegantly with any modern kitchen design. When on standby the operation panel is virtually invisible and during operation it is scaled down to the essentials thanks to intelligent lighting.  

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Paul Turnham Kitchens has over 25 years experiance designing and installing kitchens.
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Paul Turnham Kitchens have over 25 years experience designing and installing quality kitchens.
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